Monday, February 16, 2009

Metcalf - Painting The Cold Of Winter

MetcalfIcebound Brook (1922) – private collection

“Go out and paint what you see and forget your theories.” Willard Metcalf

Here is proof positive that Metcalf practiced what he preached, and the resultant reality of ‘cold’ comes alive in his canvases. His is a quiet beauty, not overly dramatic, but one that conveys a real time and a real place.

It takes a determined soul to go out and paint in our New England winters (notice that he isn’t even wearing gloves!). But he surely has captured the deep hush of winter with the faint hope of spring yet to come.

(Amazing how beautiful snow is early in the season, but by mid-February, it has lost its charm completely and I’m ready for spring! Bring on those April showers!)

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River Rat said...

What a beautiful painting, Gail, and you're right, he not only captures the essence of winter but you can just FEEL the cold! How could he paint out there, though? Amazing!