Monday, January 26, 2009

Vuillard - On Ideas and Faith

VuillardThe Striped Blouse (1895)National Gallery of Art

“...there is an idea in me in which I have faith… (and) the important thing is that I have faith enough to produce.” Edouard Vuillard

I find it interesting that Vuillard didn’t think the idea was what was important, but rather having enough faith in it to follow through is what matters.

I suppose that ideas and inspiration do flicker in and out of our consciousness but it is only when we act on them that they take on substance. That makes sense. It's even obvious. However, many of my painting ideas seem impossible to paint... and sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I give up before I even begin.

By concentrating on my faith in my idea, I have a whole new place to stand when facing that big blank canvas. If I focus on the ‘inspiration’ of the painting rather than worry about its technical execution, then I can allow the ‘how-to-paint’ to fall in place as the idea unfolds.

It's like heading out the door on a journey. Rather than needing to envision each twist and turn of the highway beforehand, it’s enough just to know where I want to go… and to start walking.

Gail Sauter - Journal: A Painter on Painting

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