Friday, January 16, 2009

Wyeth: Wonderful Wyeth

Wyeth – Wind From The Sea – private collection

Andrew Wyeth passed away yesterday but the vitality of his work remains with us.

What I so admire about his work is the majesty he brings to everyday life. He found drama in a blowing curtain, and managed to conjure up the very breeze itself and the feel of the air as it sweeps in from the sea. Can’t you smell the salt air and hear a seagull in the distance? That is Wyeth’s magic. But, it’s not what he painted that holds us spellbound, it’s how he painted it.

His care and technical mastery are so flawless as to be transparent, never intruding or interrupting. He pares everything down to the essentials – subject matter, color, brushstrokes. He is a magician conjuring up a world for us as if by slight of hand, allowing nothing to distract us from the tale he wants to tell.

He begins "Once upon a time, a curtain was blowing" … but the rest is up to us…and the story isn’t over yet. Andrew Wyeth 1917 - 2009

Gail Sauter - Journal: A Painter On Painting


Ellie Clemens said...

Gail, you beat me to it. I was just about to post Wyeth's "Master Bedroom." Maybe I will anyway...


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